Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Cake

This did not turn out the way I had in mind! For one, the blue icing bled into the white. I'll just blame that on the humidity and not the baker!! I attempted a frozen buttercream transfer for the tie. It didn't come out quite right either. It tasted good, so I guess that is what matters most!!

Duncan Hines Mix because it was on sale

My fav slider cake pans

Homemade lemon filling ~ always yummy!

Now we wait for the icing to dry or crust over....

Then smooth it out with a handy dandy... wallpaper roller.

Add a blue border

And write (very messily) Happy Father's Day!

This was my attempt at a frozen buttercream transfer ~ It's supposed to be a tie. Didn't come out quite right either!! And see how the blue ran into the white? Darn humidity!!

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